Interior Demolition Chicago, IL – Tips

Simple interior demolition Chicago tips:

Inspect the area

Before you begin, it’s important to inspect your space and make sure that everything is safe. You don’t want to be in a situation where you’ve started demolition and then discover a gas line or other hazard that needs immediate attention.

Room preparation

The first step is making sure that the room has been properly prepared for this type of work. That means getting rid of any furniture or other items that may get in the way, as well as removing any flooring if necessary. If there are windows in the room, remove them temporarily so they don’t get damaged during demolition.

Score the wall

Use a chisel to score around the edges of the area where you want to break through the wall. This will help with breaking through later on so there aren’t any sharp edges left over from your initial chiseling efforts!

Break through the wall

Once all of your prep work has been done—including scoring—it’s time to break through into the adjoining space! Use a sledgehammer or crowbar to do this; just be sure not to hit anything else while doing so (if possible).

Remove any studs and framing

After removing any drywall or other types of material that are attached to your building’s framing system (like insulation), it’s time to remove all nails, screws, and other fasteners that remain after removing those materials from your building’s walls (and ceilings). You can use pliers or clippers if they’re small enough—or even just pull them out by hand if they’re big enough!

Clean up

Once all nails and screws are removed from your interior demolition project area (this includes both walls and ceilings), sweep up all debris left behind by these activities.

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