Masonry Repair Chicago, IL | Extreme Tuckpointing

Why is Tuckpointing Chicago, IL Needed

Over time the mortar holding masonry structures together crumbles and needs masonry repair. Tuckpointing Chicago services perform a process whereby tuckpointing contractors remove the damaged mortar from between the bricks and replace it with fresh mortar. The addition of a fine line of lime mortar in the center gives the structure a complete face lift and makes it look like new. The purpose of performing tuckpointing is not just cosmetic, it seals the joints and prevents moisture from penetrating the structure and affecting stability.


When Should You Call For a Tuckpointing Specialist

The average time that structures need tuckpointing is between 20 and 30 years, there are tuckpointing contractors Chicago specialists that can inspect your building, or masonry structure, and advise you of when you will need tuckpointing. It is a good idea to plan for masonry repair Chicago in the future and budget for it.

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