The Importance of Proper Stucco Exterior Installation

Stucco siding offers excellent longevity, ease of maintenance and an attractive appearance. To protect your home against water intrusion and damage, though, proper installation is crucial. Let’s examine what a professional stucco Northbrook exterior installation entails and what to do if you find your stucco home has suffered from water damage.

Over time, stucco requires little maintenance. You can clean it as needed to keep it looking fresh. If a home is installed with skillful stucco work in the first place, moisture problems are less likely to surface over time. However, signs of moisture damage might not be apparent right away; over time, stains or cracks may show up on walls or ceilings inside your home.

Moisture issues can lead to structural damage if an exterior stucco system is not designed to handle water effectively. For long-lasting protection, in some cases, there may be needed additional components.


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